2010 | Interactive Double-Channel Video Installation
Dimension: Variable, (In the recent exhibition, the work’s dimension was 24’ x 10')
Materials: Dual channel HD projection with computer vision, Projectors, web camera, and computers
Project Description
Etched seeks a way of extending a linear narrative into multiple or generative narratives. Instead of creating a fixed linear story, the Etched system projects fragments of a story triggered by an physical interaction. I attempt to challenge the conventional linear narrative form in cinema, and deconstruct the logic of a dramatic plot to further develop and expand the methods of the story telling. Etched creates multiple narratives by algorithmic processes in combination with sensors, a camera, or switching devices.

The narrative portrays the protagonist’s melancholia through the relationship between her partner and a lost possession. This juxtaposition does not unfold upon first encounter; however, it is slowly revealed by the audience’s interaction with the space. While computer vision detects the audience’s movements, two side-by-side screens project the different scenes and cuts in varying combinations. The closer the audience stands in relationship to the screen, the more intimate the story becomes. I composed four different one minute films which play when the audience is centrally located in the exhibition space. The speed of playback and sound are also controlled by the viewer’s relationship to the center of the exhibition space.
Video Documentation
Installation Layout
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Video still
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